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 the final installment! the birth story!

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PostSubject: the final installment! the birth story!   Tue 01 Jun 2010, 8:32 am

In all honesty there's not much to say. the condensed version is went to hospital had more bloods taken, leeds gave okay, went to theatre, baby delivered, spent hours in recovery due to low heartrate and BP, returned to ward. Had horrendous night went home on friday as couldn't take any more.

the longer version is arrived at hospital at 730am to be ambushed with an over keen midwife with a box full of needles and blood sample tubes because I'd developed some unusual antibodies. had to convince them that i wasn't rhesus negative and it was a bit of a surprise. it hadn't been picked up in any of the rest of the blood they'd taken. Any way my blood samples had to go to Leeds for cross matching to make sure they could get some blood on stand by if i needed it or I might have to go to Leeds for my section! Well this was a Sparkling delivery so not all going to be straightforwards.

So lots and lots of waiting around. Eventually the registrar who was going to do the section came to see me and we chatted through what happened last time and explained that he had no surgical records because it was done in sheffield. Some discussion about the shape of the scar on the inside and lots of shoulder shrugging and agreed that we'd have to wait until he got in there to confirm what had happened last time.

I was eventually walked to labour ward at 1145 lots more sitting around and made it to the anaesthetic room and my spinal went in at 1215.

The table was really narrow and i felt like i was going to fall off. There were also loads of people in theatre as it was lunchtime and there were many student rotations taking place. I could have sold tickets it was that popular. The worst bit was I looked up into the light and could see everything going on in the reflection and I really didn't know where to look so i did see Lucy be born!

Lucy was eventually delivered after lots of hacking about and discusisons with the consultant who was stood in the next room as it sounds like i was bodged back together last time. Time of delivery 1239. She literally came out screaming as soon as her head was out. We didn't know if it was a boy or girl so lots of guessing from all in theatre which was quite good fun. I admit i was surprised given how different the pregnancy had been but delighted that there wasn't a team of neonatal drs at the ready.

she was a lot smaller than we were expecting and there was loads and loads of fluid so it looks like i did suffer some IUGR again from about 36 weeks.

Mr S got to do cord cutting then they had to take loads of cord blood to be sent off to be checked because of the problems I'd had. however she soon came back for cuddles and photos!

It took them nearly and hour may be a bit longer to put me back together and the stapling was appauling but i'll come onto that in a minute. Mr got to cuddle lucy for quite a bit of this as it was hard on that table!

I was then wheeled into recovery where i spent several huors due to my v low bp, blood loss and low heart rate. eventually they let me go back to the ward! Lucy had her first feed in recovery and seemed to be a bf pro!

back on the ward i asked for food and was given the worst salmon mayonnaise sandwich in the world.

i had an awful night as i couldn't lift lucy out of the cot as it was too high for my bed. she also wouldn't be put down and i was in quite a lot of pain.

the next day was better until they threatened to recatheterise me because i hadn't wee'd on their timetable. eleanor came to meety lucy and the grandparents all came together in the afternoon. I managed a shower and to walk to the lunch trolley to choose what i wanted! I actually felt pretty good! Bfing started to go wrong that evening when i started bleeding and was just in agony as soon as she latched on. every midwfie had different advice and i ended up coming here for support.

day 2 was better as i got some proper BFing support even though I was still in agony and bleeding every time she fed. I knew at this point i just needed to get home as i could at least express there to give her my milk. The registrar said I could go home so i phoned Mr S who said he'd be over after work. yes he went to work what can i say!

we got home within 48 hours which was great and i was pretty mobile straight away - getting in and out of bed was tricky but I managed it eventually.

My staples were taken out on the Monday whcih is where we discovered the true butchery skills of the registrar. The over bite on one side was so bad you could see a fat layer. the other side which was done by the SHO is really neat. There were about 30 staples in it as well which was a bit excessive. I appear to have had an allergic reaction to the staples so that made things look a whole heap worse too.

Anyway Lucy ended up Formula Fed. the BF wasn't going well i was in agony and in a right state despite the jelonet and lanishoh combination. Lucy also lost an unacceptable amount of weight so they were ready to readmit us which wasn't going to happen believe me. Anyway 5 days into the whole totally FF situation calm has descended over the sparkling household and i feel like I have time for both my little girls and to get some stuff done.

So it all happened at 39+4 as planned in the end. Sorry my BA took so long but i had to access my email via Mr S's phone to get my friends phone number to ring her and give her the news it took a while for me to be capable of doing this. I phoned her from recovery as the Drs came in to look concerned about my heart rate and they concluded that as I was on the phone giving details about what had happened I must be fine.

So it's all over the end of another saga. The blood complications aparently has implications for a future pregnancy but i'm really not planning on a 3rd, 2 is plenty for now thank you. The newborn days are hard and I dont' think as lovely as Lucy is I want to do it again any time soon.

Overall i had fantastic antenatal care, the birth experience was great i felt very well looked after and the postnatal care in hospital was indifferent. the community midwives have been great though!

so a couple of snaps if you've got this far.

Any way Lucy Joanne arrived at 1239 on 5th May 2010 at York Hospital as planned weighing 6lb 5oz.

brand new Lucy and mummy

a few days ago!

thank you every one for your support bearing with me through endless panicky posts and living this pregnancy through here with me.

anyway it is possible to have a pe free pregnancy 2nd time round. i don't know what did the trick but asprin must have played some part in the tale.

thanks again

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PostSubject: Re: the final installment! the birth story!   Tue 01 Jun 2010, 11:44 am

What a fab story, sorry to hear about the Reg's shoddy handy work but all in all it wasnt too bad was it??

Shes gorgeous I love you

It certainly gives me hope that i get can to term, thank you for sharing it all with us x x
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PostSubject: Re: the final installment! the birth story!   Tue 01 Jun 2010, 5:44 pm

Hi Sparkling,

Congratulations Lucy is so cute. I am so glad your pregnancy was PE fee and it gives us all hope.

Take care

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PostSubject: Re: the final installment! the birth story!   Tue 01 Jun 2010, 8:51 pm

what a wonderful birth story glad all is well and welcome little Lucy she is gorgeous

take lots of care xx
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PostSubject: Re: the final installment! the birth story!   Tue 01 Jun 2010, 9:07 pm

no it was all alright really. I wrote this a week or so ago and I was feeling rather emotional about a lot of things. My scar has calmed down thankfully but it's still a bit of a mess!

thanks for the kind wishes. I hope you all have a similar story to post soon.
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PostSubject: Re: the final installment! the birth story!   Thu 03 Jun 2010, 9:48 am

She's gorgeous Sparkling!

Thankyou for sharing your story, it honestly gives me a lot of hope.

Enjoy her!!
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PostSubject: Re: the final installment! the birth story!   

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the final installment! the birth story!
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