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For Women & their families who have suffered with Pre Eclampsia, Eclampsia, HELLP syndrome, Pregnancy induced hypertension (PIH) and related conditions.
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 Likely gestation at delivery and possible bp meds?

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Likely gestation at delivery and possible bp meds? Empty
PostSubject: Likely gestation at delivery and possible bp meds?   Likely gestation at delivery and possible bp meds? EmptyMon 03 Jan 2011, 10:45 pm

hi Smile im 21 and i have chronic high BP (secondary), stable on bp meds outside of pregnancy but tends to go crazy during pregnancy. I had my little girl last year at 28 weeks by emergency section due to high bp and pathological CTG's. Im now 27 weeks and on labetalol 800mg TDS and 400mg once in the evening, Methyldopa 1g TDS, Nifedipine 30mg QDS, Doxazosin 16mg OD, Aspirin 75mg OD and oral hydralazine 50mg BD. the midwife did my BP yesterday at home and it was 180/115, she phoned my consultant who increased my meds over the phone (added the extra 400mg of labetalol in the evening and increased hydralazine from 25mg to 50mg). I am getting terrible headaches and visual disturbances but my bloods are fine and protein is usually either just a trace or 1+, I have had IV labetalol and IV hydralazine 4 times in this pregnancy so far and had steroids at 24 weeks. Im wondering if just continually increasing my meds is the right thing to do and how long it can continue before delivery will be necessary if my blood tests all stay normal?and also what bp meds could be used next? I was on spironolactone until about 3 weeks ago when it was determined it wasnt having an effect and to stop it. Outside of pregnanacy i take Amplodipine, Bisoprolol, Bendraflumethiazide, Candasarten, Ramipril and Doxasozin. Thanks in advance Smile

Ooo also i had a CTG in hospital the other day where babies heart rate was dropping and the midwife put it down to baby still being small and moving away from the monitor and said it was picking up my heart rate instead even though the decels were dropping in a continuous line away from the baseline and then back to the baseline (surely if it was because she had moved and it had picked up my heartrate the line would have broken if that makes sense?)This is exactly what happened with my daughter and has me worried!
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Liz Pidgley
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Likely gestation at delivery and possible bp meds? Empty
PostSubject: Re: Likely gestation at delivery and possible bp meds?   Likely gestation at delivery and possible bp meds? EmptyThu 06 Jan 2011, 2:59 pm

Hi Olivias Mummy,

Welcome to the site.

I have no doubt your anxiety levels are probably through the roof right now particularly because of your history.

It is a really difficult balancing act between keeping the pregnancy going as long as possible, ensuring that both mother & baby are well or opting for an early delivery. Clearly the option to deliver early becomes even more difficult when the gestation of the baby is so young as prematurity brings its own difficulties. So Im afraid I dont know is my honest answer.

Follow your instincts - if you feel you or your baby are unwell then keep knocking doors until you are heard. You are entitled to be cared for by a consultant level physician because of your history so dont be afraid to ask for him/her.

You can ask for your own pot of dipstix to monitor your protien levels if that helps to reassure you.

I can understand your worry at your baby's decels so again, if your instinct is telling you that as this is what happened last time, it has the potential to be happening again, dont be afraid to stand your ground to stay in hospital or to do what you feel needs to be done.

Im sorry I cant be more helpful. If you would like to talk it through then I am available on 0845 241 0989 Mon Fri 11-3pm.

I hope that your pregnancy can continue more smoothly and that your baby is delivered into your arms excactly as s/he should be.

Warm wishes


Every Woman is entitled to understand what happened in her pregnancy when pre eclampsia strikes. I hope to be able to support that process.
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Likely gestation at delivery and possible bp meds?
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