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For Women & their families who have suffered with Pre Eclampsia, Eclampsia, HELLP syndrome, Pregnancy induced hypertension (PIH) and related conditions.
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 Richard Joseph

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PostSubject: Richard Joseph   Richard Joseph EmptyTue 08 Nov 2011, 9:57 pm

Tomorrow marks two years since our precious little baby was taken from us. Although we do feel more at peace since his little brother arrived, we will never ever forget our precious first born son- Richard. It is so bittersweet as we wish with all our hearts that Richard was with us, yet if he was then Harry wouldn't be. We love both our boys so so much and yet just wish with all our hearts that Richard had been here longer and was here still.

Love you so so much baby boy and still think about you all the time wondering what you'd be doing now, what you'd look like and what your personality would be like and what mischief you'd be getting upto with your brother! Miss you everyday Richard. Sllep tight angel. All our love, hugs and kisses Mummy, Daddy and Harry xxxxxxxxx
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Liz Pidgley
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PostSubject: Re: Richard Joseph   Richard Joseph EmptyWed 09 Nov 2011, 9:54 am

Dear Emmie,

The pain of losing a child is never replaced by another child and as Richard has a new brother you will obviously know this.
I like to think that the baby who couldnt stay was our teacher. He taught us that PE was a monster lurking in the shadows and needed to come and tell you how to protect yourself and his siblings against it.
We learned a precious lession because our children were here but couldnt stay.

I hope today passes peacefully for you and you are all able to remember Richard in the way you want to.

Warmest wishes Emmie,


Every Woman is entitled to understand what happened in her pregnancy when pre eclampsia strikes. I hope to be able to support that process.
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PostSubject: Re: Richard Joseph   Richard Joseph EmptyFri 11 Nov 2011, 9:25 pm

Thinking of you Emma. What you said really made me cry, I know exactly what you mean.
Take care xxx
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Richard Joseph
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