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Pre Eclampsia support

For Women & their families who have suffered with Pre Eclampsia, Eclampsia, HELLP syndrome, Pregnancy induced hypertension (PIH) and related conditions.
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 9 weeks post partum and still feeling unwell!!

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9 weeks post partum and still feeling unwell!! Empty
PostSubject: 9 weeks post partum and still feeling unwell!!   9 weeks post partum and still feeling unwell!! EmptyFri 18 May 2012, 11:07 am


I gave birth to my beautiful daughter 9 weeks ago after being induced at 38 weeks due to PE!!
My blood pressure started creeping up and up from around 30 weeks and started getting traces of protein in my urine.
My hands face and ankles started to swell.
I also started getting headaches and visual disturbances but was told it was probably migraine, sometimes I could barely see from the spots infront of my eyes.
I was sent to hospital a few times but was sent home again and again even though my blood pressure was
once at 160/110!
At 37 weeks they started me on labetelol and adalat but bp still uncontrolled and blood tests abnormal (only
informed of abnormal bloods after having my baby!!!) so decided to induce me at 38 weeks.

Ever since giving birth I have had problems. For several days after giving birth I had visual disturbances so
severe that at times I could barely see! But was told this was probably side effects of bp meds! My vision is still blurred even
now 9 weeks on and I still get small white lights and floaters on and off throughout the day. I have pain in my lower back and a sharp pain
in my right side when breathing in, I have had blood tests performed about a month ago and my kidney function was less than 60 (didn't say
exact figure), my liver enzymes were raised and I had high cholestrol? Why is this?
Also my urine tests have always had blood in and still traces of protein.. What does this mean? I get twitches on a regular basis and still get headaches.
I am on adalat (10mg in morning and 10mg in evening) and 400mg labetelol (200mg morning and 200mg evening), these are supposed to slow your heart rate but mine is sometimes up to 112 even just resting. I get short of breath doing simple tasks such as walking stairs or even getting up from changing my daughters nappy. I had an abnormal ecg the other day and get pains in my chest.
My bp is still up and down, sometimes as low as 110/66 and others at 149/85 even after meds!!
This seems to of creeped up again over last couple of days.
Did anyone experience these problems after birth and how long did it take to return to normal if ever?
I'm so worried about my health and wanted more children.
Also my bp on booking app was 130/70, does this mean I could of had high blood pressure before pregnancy as I've been told that bp lowers
with pregnancy.
No one has ever explained PE to me properly and the long term effects it can have on your body, I didn't even know how dangerous it was!
Please help!

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Liz Pidgley
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9 weeks post partum and still feeling unwell!! Empty
PostSubject: Re: 9 weeks post partum and still feeling unwell!!   9 weeks post partum and still feeling unwell!! EmptyThu 31 May 2012, 2:06 pm

Hi Becki,

Welcome to the site and congratulations on the safe arrival of your daughter.
Im glad you found us and I hope you will find all the support you need here.

I have just PMd you, but I wanted to say, much of what you describe is familiar to many people on this site, myself included. The physical scars will take a while to heal but the emotional ones can take a lot longer.

I look forward to talking to you.

Warm wishes

Every Woman is entitled to understand what happened in her pregnancy when pre eclampsia strikes. I hope to be able to support that process.
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9 weeks post partum and still feeling unwell!!
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